hedersoft was founded by Lars Buntrock and Henning Schmidt. We have more than 15 years experience as IBM Business Partner especially in the Lotus brand. We want to share this experience with our customers to add value to their business. So, who are we?

Lars started his career as software developer. He soon developed a passion for Lotus Notes / Domino which became one of his hobbies in the following years. The business as IBM Business Partner is very customer centric. He learned very fast to present products and solutions, collect and implement customer requirements, conduct workshops, advice customers and acquire, steer and close individual projects.

He constantly extended his technical know-how over the years and dived as effortless into new technologies as if he had been the lead developer of those technologies. He always has his finger on the pulse of the time. Despite his enthusiasm he always puts a critical eye on new trends and technologies and does not follow them at all costs. He saw a lot of dead concepts like IBM Lotus Workplace coming.

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Henning started like Lars as a software developer. With his diploma thesis "Conecpt and prototypical implementation of a project-management tool based on Lotus Notes" he got in touch with Lotus Notes Version 4. This was love on first sight and the start of a marriage without divorce. His open mind, analytic perception and his ability to communicate soon put him on customer projects as a Consultant. He did many product presentations, conducted workshops, held trainings and implemented customer requirements for small businesses as well as enterprises.

Just like Lars Henning is very interested in new technologies and market trends. In his former company he was the responsible person for new technologies over a long period. His tasks included the identification, analysis and presentation of trends and to organize internal trainings to keep the staff up to date.

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Henning Schmidt

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