hs.BPM ist the ideal symbiosis between the world’s leading system for workflow applications IBM Domino and the most popular Open Source BPM 2.0 Workflow Engine ActivitiTM

You have IBM Domino databases that are not process enabled yet? You have data-bases with hard coded workflows and want to be more flexible? You already have a workflow engine that is limited to IBM Domino databases? You have a heterogeneous system landscape and are looking for a central element for all your processes? 

If you can at least answer yes to one of these questions, your new workflow system hs.BPM is ready to be installed in your environment! 


  • No design changes necessary in your existing Domino databases
  • No programming necessary in general
  • Utilization of the world’s most popular Open Source Process Engine Activiti
  • Modelling can be shifted to non-IT departments
  • Use either a web-browser or Eclipse to create your processes
  • Simple form design using hs.Forms for web-browsers and mobile apps

Please feel free to download our 
Flyer for further information. Do not hesitate to get in contact in case you need more details or would like us to demonstrate the product.