Your daily mail flood is inappropriately high? You have been encouraged to keep yourself updated with company- or workplace relevant data? This task consumes a lot of time since there are no tools to support them? hs.Crawler is the answer to all these questions!

hs.Crawler is a product developed by hedersoft that allows to define rules to detect data changes in different data sources. Data distribution rules can then be created to decide where to push these changes.

Each and every day, the personal Inbox fills up and mails have to be prioritized, edited, an-swered and filed. Emails are not the only source of information, though. There are many more data sources where different data types are stored that either are relevant company-wide and hence one should be aware of or affect one’s personal work. In most cases there is no mechanism which detects relevant changes and keeps someone informed. From time to time there are Emails because an attentive colleague puts you in CC. In most cases it is an obligation of each and every employee to check the different data sources manually with a high level of discipline to keep track of what is going on.

Scenarios: The customer hotline has to keep track of new products and product enhance-ments. The shift foreman needs to know what happened in the previous shift and which special incidents occurred. The management’s secretary has to manage all appointments and business contacts.

And all of this incorporates and leverages IBM Connections!

Please feel free to download our 
Flyer for further information. Do not hesitate to get in contact in case you need more details or would like us to demonstrate the product.