hs.Workspace is a web application provided by hedersoft GmbH that operates as application portal in your company. It contains all functionality to centrally provide and distribute links to applications, sites, files and other items your users need to get over and done with their daily tasks.

You can configure any kind of links for which protocol handlers are available. First of all there are obviously http:// links. If IBM Notes is installed the notes:// protocol is supported and you can manage database, view and document links which will open in the Notes client. Add links to SAP transactions or use the file:// protocol to link to files.

You can use Policies to configure which user or group is allowed to see which tab or link. Use Locations to define different destinations in different locations. Provide company information using the News Feature and keep up with the latest web news using Feeds.

Please feel free to download our Flyer for further information. Do not hesitate to get in contact in case you need more details or would like us to demonstrate the product.